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Becca, 21, Georgia.
Spill or Die, Ghost Crew


While the I am mourning the loss of Robin Williams along with the rest of the world, there are some things that many of you are saying that are really just not sitting well with me. People are saying things Iike ” if robin Williams had known how much people loved and idolized him for his work, he wouldn’t have done what he did” ..I can almost guarantee that half of these people have NO idea what it is like to struggle with depression and suicidal thought their entire life.
There are other people that are saying “that you should never judge what a person is dealing with internally based on how they outwardly express their happiness” and this, is very true.
I have struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts for 12 years and can say that even with unconditional amounts of love and support from peers and loved ones, that does not take away the pain and the thoughts that come along with it. You CANNOT fix someone just by showing them that you care. It does NOT work like that. I love my family, friends and boyfriend unconditionally but that does not change my depression or the desires I have. Some people find ways to cope with it through drugs while others avoid it. Everyone has their own way of dealing with it.
Please, please, PLEASE stop saying these things. Depression is a mental illness and is not simply fixed by being loved.